CANIBA, Isseu Sagawa, True Crime, and the Morality of Documentary Violence

Isseu Sagawa


Not all thoughts can be adequately expressed in written form. Sometimes, it’s necessary to talk through certain things. Thus, Dark Docs presents the first episode—episode zero—of a sporadic series of podcasts. This episode uses the film Caniba as a basis for an extended conversation about many topics, including the Japanese killer and cannibal Isseu Sagawa, true crime, true crime fan culture, violence in documentaries, and of course, Videodrome.


The guest for this podcast is the multi-talented Heather Buckley. Here is Heather’s bio:

Heather Buckley worked as a graphic designer and creative lead for thirteen years in the New York advertising world before transitioning to live her life-long dream of a career in the horror film world. She has worked for years as a journalist for Dread Central, Diabolique and Fangoria. She worked in the makeup department on Billy Pon’s Circus of the Dead, and then as Makeup FX Shop Supervisor on The Booth Brothers’ Dead Still (and, under prosthetics, played a featured ghoul), and Ted Geoghegan’s We are Still Here

Heather is currently a Blu-Ray Special Features Producer working on documentaries for Tales from the Crypt, The Crypt: Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood, the Saw Tenth Anniversary reissue, and almost all of Lionsgate’s Vestron re-releases coming. She is also one of the producers of Jen Wexler’s film The Ranger—a punk rock horror film that premiered at SXSW 2018—for Glass Eye Pix and Hood River Entertainment.


The podcast segments (rough estimates in minutes) are as follows:

  • 0:00 – 01:38 – Introduction to Isseu Sagawa
  • 01:39 – 3:53 – Readings from Isseu Sagawa’s journal
  • 03:53 – 34:45 – General discussion


This podcast is rated G for gross. Listener discretion is advised.